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Created in 1994, Xtreme has established itself through technical products dedicated to athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts. A positioning in the fields of sound, image and "wearable" products that brought real expertise adapted to each product distributed over the years. Thanks to strong international brands, like GoPro, Skullcandy, Philips, 3DR… the Group has established itself as a true LABEL in for distribution on in the French and European markets.


XTreme is an expert in the lifestyle and outdoor activities sectors, and participates in the development of brands through a specific product offering targeting trend-setting sales outlets and outdoor specialists.

Xtreme relies on a complete network to cover every stage of the product lifecycle.

More than a distribution mission, Xtreme is a visionary with all the links in the chain to meet the expectations of customers.

A solid distribution network,
An organized and efficient sales center,
A marketing division that addresses communication and image issues.

Xtreme forges its reputation and its legitimacy by developing the reputation of the brands it distributes

Our brands

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    19 September 2017

    XGEM and XTD, members of the XtremEnterprise Group that specialises in the creation, distribution, promotion, and sales of high-tech products, present their latest products and innovations at Europe¹s largest specialist show, the IFA, offering the most innovative solutions so far, supporting your daily life as we enter a new era of entertainment.

    XGEM & XTD updated range includes new mobile and home cinema projectors from Philips, TNT and satellite receivers from Philips, the new ZCAM E1 ultra-compact 4K camera, EZRide electric scooters and ENERGIZER ruggedized phones.

    Read the Press Kit HERE

    IFA 2017 in pictures


    Stand IFA Philips

    Stand IFA Philips

    Stand IFA Screeneo

    IFA Berlin

    Stand IFA XSories

    Stand IFA Energizer width=

    Stand IFA Zcam

    06 October 2016

    GGoPro, Skullcandy, DC and Quiksilver teamed up with RedBull for the launch of THE FOURTH PHASE, the new film starting Travis Rice. While the film came out on October on 2 on RedBull TV, the preview was held on September 19 at the Grand Rex in Paris.


    The weekend before the screening, Travis' sponsors headed to La Rotonde in Paris in order to share an experience unreleased to the public. Thanks to spherical 360 capture done with the Onmi (GoPro) and deep stereo bass from the Crusher virtual reality audio headset (Skullcandy), spectators were able to enjoy a multi-sensory experience, as they were completely immersed in the world of Travis Rice: an ideal introduction to the subject before watching the film. "Take a Ride with Travis" will be shown at the European screenings of the film.

    Visual highlights:

    GoPro & Skullcandy The Fourth Phase au Rex à Paris GoPro & Skullcandy The Fourth Phase au Rex à Paris GoPro & Skullcandy The Fourth Phase au Rex à Paris GoPro & Skullcandy The Fourth Phase à Paris GoPro & Skullcandy The Fourth Phase à Paris Travis GoPro & Skullcandy The Fourth Phase à Paris Travis GoPro & Skullcandy The Fourth Phase à Paris Travis

    Click here to discover the trailer

    05 October 2016

    The company made this announcement on September 19: GoPro presented its new HERO5, acamera along with its Cloud software and KARMA drone.

    « With these new products, we renew our promise to facilitate the capture of footage and the ability to share engaging stories, », explains Nicholas Woodman. « The HERO5 can automatically upload photos and videos to a GoPro Plus account, which makes post-production, sharing and viewing much easier. With this, GoPro offers an revolutionary experience, as they continue to be real market changer.»


    HERO5 BLACK is presented as the best GoPro of all. More powerful and easier to use, it will be available starting October 2, with a recommended price of 429€99. To learn more, click HERE.

    GoPro HROE5
    GoPro HROE5

    HERO5 SESSION has the same design as the original HERO Session. It's just as practical but offers considerably better performance. It will go on sale beginning October 2, with a recommended price of 329,99€. To learn more, click HERE.

    GoPro HROE5
    GoPro HROE5

    KARMA is a compact drone which can be carried in a small backpack. It has an image stabilization system for easy hand operation or installation on a vehicle or any other equipment. The Karma allows you to take videos which are completely smooth and stable, no matter what the activity. Ready to use, the Karma guarantees a great experience unequalled in the drone market. The Karma will be available in the EMEA region starting on October 23, packaged in two different ways: the drone alone for 869€99, or together with a HERO5 camera, with a recommended price of 1199€99. To learn more, click HERE.

    GoPro Karma drone
    GoPro Karma drone
    GoPro Karma drone
    GoPro Karma drone

    The company also announced the release of the GoPro Plus and Quik, applications, which allow users to view, retouch and share contents at any time. The GoPro Plus application works with all types of camera. It will be available first in the United States and then in the rest of the world at the beginning of 2017. To learn more, click ICI. The Quik application, already downloaded more than 17 million times, allows user to quickly and easily create high-quality videos. To learn more about Quik for mobile and desktop devices, click HERE.

    Application GoPro
    Application GoPro
    Finally, GoPro is launching several accessories: Quik Key, a micro-USB card reader, and REMO, a single-button vocal remote control. To learn more about new GoPro support brackets and accessories, click HERE.
    GoPro Quik Key
    GoPro Remo

    For more informations, please ask you commercial manager.

    04 October 2016

    Skullcandy continues to extend and solidify the brand’s wireless innovations with the introduction of a family of new Bluetooth® speakers. The new Skullcandy speakers come packed with a powerful loudness-to-size ratio that doesn’t sacrifice quality acoustics, as well as an iconic, stainless steel-accented design that’s stylish enough for any room in the home and durable enough for outdoor adventure. The family features three sizes: the Barricade Mini, the Barricade, and the Barricade XL.

    « As wireless speakers continue to be a top five growth category for the consumer electronics industry, we’re launching powerful quality acoustics, rugged construction, Bluetooth functionality, and sleek exteriors with water-resistant designs,” said Sam Paschel, Skullcandy Chief Commercial Officer. «Moreover, we’re bringing a fresh perspective to a market where consumers are asked to choose between aesthetics and performance. But with Barricade, they don’t have to. »

    Skullcandy Barricade Skullcandy Barricade


    The Barricade Mini, is the most lightweight and compact of the Barricade family and is perfect for on-the-go listening. Barricade Mini is equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, up to 6 hour battery life, durable attachment loop, and a buoyant water and impact-resistant construction. Barricade Mini will be available for 39.99€.


    The Barricade sits in the middle of the product family builds on the product line with an IPX7 waterproof rating, floatable design, up to 8 hour battery life, external device charging, built-in microphone, and AUX in/out functionality that enables multi-speaker connectivity. Barricade will be available for 79.99€.


    The most powerful and feature-packed speaker in the collection, Barricade XL, is the pinnacle portable speaker in this family. It includes all the features of the Barricade plus extends battery life up to 10 hours, enables multi-speaker pairing, and comes with twice the driver power for a feature-rich offering at 129.99€. Barricade XL sera disponible au prix de 129,99 euros.

    For more informations, please ask you commercial manager.

    02 October 2016

    The smart and innovative gears brand took advantage of the IFA held in Berlin September 2-8 to introduce new, even more high-tech products!

    A major part of its range is dedicated to smartphone accessories. In particular, there is a VR headset which allows you to watch 360° videos with your mobile phone. A Solar Powerback protection case offers independence which far outweighs the competition, thanks to its extra battery with solar charger.

    XSories chas expanded its range of poles with two new products: the U-Shot Carbon, which uses carbon fiber for unparalleled lightness, and the U-Shot GT which contains a smart locking system for better stability and durability.

    XSories IFA 2016

    However, the brand is also moving into new territory like the OTT (Over The Top) box. Indeed, with its SXTV 4K box that works on Android, XSories is hoping to get into the world of indoor sports, particularly with this item, which allows you to transform any television into a smart TV. As such, the product becomes a new in-home entertainment center. Watching films in 4K and online extreme sports programs, or loading your favourite games, are all things you can do with our XSTV 4K box. Discreet and compact, it's the ideal thing to take with you when you go abroad.

    For more informations, please ask you commercial manager.

    01 October 2016

    XSories accompanies Sam Partaix, pro skateboarder on the team for over 4 years, into a new world: photography. The brand joined up with several partners like Electric and PAX to honour the work which came out of Sam's many travels through a photography exhibition which took place August 27th atchez Renauld in Saint-Jean-De-Luz.

    Sam Partaix exposition chez Renaud Saint Jean de Luz Sam Partaix exposition chez Renaud Saint Jean de Luz Sam Partaix exposition chez Renaud Saint Jean de Luz

    The exhibitions came naturally," said Sam. "I had a former sponsor who encouraged me to hold an exhibition and I accepted. At the same time, sponsors who supported me in my photography offered to help me develop this area. XSories is an important sponsor for me because they create products which work really well with what I do. Their products are made for a nomadic life: tripod, poles, phone rechargers, etc. I use these things all the time, which really legitimizes this sponsor for me and my travels”.


    The Nomad exhibit is getting ready to open at London's concept store by Walski on October 18 before moving on to Paris on October 20. Many occasions to discover Sam's photography, which, through his love of skateboarding, passion for surfing and thirst for travel, immerse you in his world of rock 'n roll and poetry.


    At the end of these exhibits, skateboards with Sam Partaix's best photos will be offered on the website

  • PAX launches a special summer limited edition: PAX ELECTRIC BLUE
    24 August 2016

    While LifeStyle Division of XtremEnterprise continues rolling out the PAX 2 across Europe, the US brand announces the release of a limited edition: Electric Blue.

    After the PAX Gold and PAX The Weeknd limited editions, the brand continues to be ingenious for its "Best Seller" vaporizer. The aim is to bring a bolder and more vibrant shade of colour, relooking the PAX1 Cobalt.

    The brand's main priority is to listen to its consumers and supply new products, limited editions and accessories to have the best possible vaporizer experience.

    For further information on this product, please contact your sales account manager.

    PAX 2 Electric Edition
  • New product: Skullcandy launches INK'D WIRELESS
    23 August 2016

    After launching GRIND WIRELESS, Skullcandy continues to expand its wireless range with INK’D WIRELESS.

    Being only the weight of a feather at 24 grams, the Ink'd earphones have a discreet design. Available in a range of colours, this new product will go well with all styles. Correctly adjusting these headphones will guarantee you excellent acoustic insulation to magnify the Supreme Sound. The flexible neck cord can be easily stored in a pocket or bag. The eight-hour battery life offers you extended listening time, while the controls and microphone allow you to have your music on hand and calls without having to pick up the phone. Add to that a Bluetooth connection up to 10 metres, and you get the perfect headset to stay in control.

    INK’D WIRELESS, at a recommended retail price of 49€99, s already available from over thirty resellers.

    For all further information, don't hesitate to contact your sales account manager.

    Ink Wireless
  • Dronestagram photography contest: Discover the 2016 award winners !
    22 August 2016

    GoPro and 3DR took part in the international photography contest organised by Dronestagram and National Geographic which ran from 30th May to 30th June this year. The results were announced at the beginning of July. The jury gave awards to the best photos taken by drones in three categories: "Nature", "Sport / Adventure" and "Travel".

    There was a great response which gathered more than 5,500 photos published by drone users, a record for the French platform. It needed a strong team of judges to choose from all the photos. The teams were made up ofEric Dupin and Guillaume Jarret (the co-founders of Dronestagram) as well as Patrick Witty and Emanuela Ascoli (National Geographic).

    We have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photos. To decide between them, there were three criteria set: Originality, technical skill and a good composition. Without forgetting the importance of telling a story through the photo. For beginners, I would also recommend avoiding reworking photos using retouch software. Colours are quickly saturated! !” says Emanuela Ascoli, head of photography at National Geographic, France.

    Wonderful images to discover.

    1st Prize Winner category Sport-Adventure Moab by Maxseigal
    Pine trees
    1st Prize Winner category  Travel_Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, Umbria, Italy by fcatutto
    2nd Prize Winner category Nature Wildlife Swarm by Szabolcs Ignacz
    2nd Prize Winner category Travel_Cable Beach by Todd Kennedy
    2nd Prize Winner category Sport_Adventure, Complejo Acuático Norte de Santander by losmanesdeldrone
    3rd Prize Winner category Nature_Wildlife_Piton de la fournaise volcano by Jonathan Payet
    3rd Prize Winner category Spots_Adventure_Chugach Mountain Range, Alaska by High Angle Shot
    3rd Prize Winner category Travel Summer camp, Amadores, Gran Canaria, Spain by Karolis Janulis
  • PAX growing its European footprint
    15 June 2016

    PAX, an American brand and leader in delivering the ultimate vaporization experience with innovative, premium vaporizers, will work with X-Treme Distribution to grow its European footprint.

    Pax vaporizer

    The partnership between PAX and X-Treme Distribution will expand the availability of PAX within its current European markets, including the UK, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, and introduce it to additional markets, including Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Luxembourg.

    To support the launch of the brand in those countries, Xtreme Distribution teams hosted multiple marketing activations at sporting events and with new retailers.

    PAX vapo animation shop

    PAX animation magasin

    The Pax 2 is currently the number 1 vaporizer in the world and continues to deliver a best in class experience, inciting the curiosity and enthusiasm of the general public.

    PAX vapo animation shop

    The PAX 2 will be priced at £ 199 in United kingdom and 259 € in main European markets.

    PAX vaporizer

    For more product information, visit the brand website PAX , or contact Morgan Paul at

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